Your pace, your goals, our expertise 


CrossFit Irvine

Your Safety is our #1 Priority.

That is why we start all new clients with our one-on-one fundamentals course. Five personal training sessions where our goal is to teach you how to scale the 30+ movments we go through in a week and to build confidence through proper mechanics.

Have you tried CrossFit looking for support & Community? Instead you found yourself pushed into intensity and competition?

We meet you where you're at, no ranking boards, no judgment, just expert coaching in a safe environment, with a proven track record of client results.


Fern Yoon

Fern has been Coaching group class and working with one-on-one clients since 2014.  Fern is an active competitor in USAW and Surfs.
Certifications: CF level 2

Cassey Davidson

Casey comes from a Divison 1 Soccer backgroud.  Coach casey has been coaching over three years and specializes in group classes and managing our foundations course.  Certifications: CF level 2, USAW, FRC 

Julie Primero

Coach Julie, is a mother of three, PE Teacher and leads our early afternoon group classes.  With over 3 years of experience she specializes in youth training, private training and group classes.  Certifications: CF level 2, CF Kids

What Our Clients Say

"Thanks Robert, the results were worth the commitment.  In 21 days, I lost 5lbs of body mass, 8.5lbs of fat mass, gained 4 lbs muscle mass, and lost 4.5% of body fat"

Patrick Bucklen

"In the 10 years that I spent making a living as a personal trainer, I have good instincts when it comes to spotting qualified coaches in a fitness setting.  My instincts and experiences told me that CrossFit Irvine was the place for me."

Karla Bland

"Over the last year, I've lost nearly 30lbs and over 12% body fat.  My cholesterol levels have improved significantly.  Now instead of running around the block, I run 3 miles three times a week and I have my sights on a full marathon by the end of the year"

Erica Featherston

What Makes Us Different

We cater to the client looking to get into shape but can't afford to get hurt.  The person looking to lose the weight becasue the last 5 years of walking on the treadmill hasn't been working.  The athlete looking to de-stress for one hour a day so that they can sleep a little better at night.  The person who needs one-on-one attention but is to nervouse to ask for help.

We take great pride in knowing that our coaching style is differnt, that our community is differnt, but the results are the same.

We know that each individual coming in through our doors is unique and in turn will be giving the attention and support they need to overcome their challenges and finally make some break throughs in health and fitness.

We might have the title CrossFit Irvine, but we are so much more.  We are your answers to losing the weight, feeling stronger, and living the life you deserve.

Ready for change?

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